3d printed connectors, combined with beautiful beech wood sticks. To be used as wall decoration.
Due to it not being flat, but having volume, there are, in combination with light, beautiful shadow effects.
The connectors of the horse are available in various colors. After ordering you can specify your color.

Black (RAL 9005)Black (RAL 9005)Bronze (RAL 8008)Bronze (RAL 8008)Dark blue (RAL 5011)Dark blue (RAL 5011)Dark green (RAL 6000)Dark green (RAL 6000)Gold (RAL 1036)Gold (RAL 1036)Ivory white (RAL 1013)Ivory white (RAL 1013)Light pink (RAL 7415)Light pink (RAL 7415)Multiple colorsMeerdere kleuren, wij nemen contact met u op om te vragen welke kleuren u wilt.Mustard yellow (RAL 1012)Mustard yellow (RAL 1012)Old pink (RAL 3014)Old pink (RAL 3014)Pastel purple (RAL 4009)Pastel purple (RAL 4009)Pearl orange (RAL 2013)Pearl orange (RAL 2013)Print-it-yourselfPrint-it-yourselfPurple (RAL 4006)Purple (RAL 4006)Red (RAL 3020)Red (RAL 3020)Sky blue (RAL 5024)Sky blue (RAL 5024)Stone grey (RAL 7030)Stone grey (RAL 7030)White-green (RAL 6019)White-green (RAL 6019)
3d printed by Plokko3d printed by Plokko3d printed by Plokko3d-print it yourself3d-print it yourself3d-print it yourself

Black (RAL 9005), Bronze (RAL 8008), Dark blue (RAL 5011), Dark green (RAL 6000), Gold (RAL 1036), Ivory white (RAL 1013), Light pink (RAL 7415), Multiple colors, Mustard yellow (RAL 1012), Old pink (RAL 3014), Pastel purple (RAL 4009), Pearl orange (RAL 2013), Print-it-yourself, Purple (RAL 4006), Red (RAL 3020), Sky blue (RAL 5024), Stone grey (RAL 7030), White-green (RAL 6019)


3d printed by Plokko, 3d-print it yourself


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