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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is always lovely to be able to ask things. At least, that’s our opinion! Because what is nicer than diving into the details of a nice product?
Down below, you can find the most frequently asked questions. Well, let’s be honest: We thought of them ourselves. Is a question missing, feel free to ask it over an email from the contact page.

By the way: the noise… that’s from the 3d printers of our 3d print farm.

That’s a good question. Absolutely, Plokko is addicting! Our experience shows that the addiction comes when you actually get the product in your hands. We see that people constantly want to disassemble and make it into something new. Thus it can be quite a distraction (we speak of experience)

The nice thing about Plokko is when you build something, you can re-use the materials really easily. The closet doesn’t really fit your new home? Just tear it apart and rebuild it in a way that it does fit in your new home! You can even change our lamps to your own taste. So the materials are 100% re-usable. The connectors (Plokko’s) are made of biobased plastic. We use beech wood for our sticks. Both materials are 100% biodegradable, although in the case of Biobased plastic this can take several hundreds of years. And that is good, the Plokko’s, of course, shouldn’t just fall apart.

Yes, we regularly have vacancies. Both for internships and paid work. Check the Plokko vacancies here.

Absolutely, when you order a product you often get the option to buy the STL (3d files) of the product instead for a lower price. In the near future, we want to put our own design tool online as well. So don’t forget to check every now-and-then to see if it’s there.

You can visit us at our office. Aside from that, Plokko will soon be in several stores. You’ll be able to check them out there as well. For an overview of our dealers, you can go and check our reseller page.

We see that most people understand how Plokko’s work really quickly. And the funny thing is; you can really see what kind of builder someone is with Plokko. You have people that use a lot of connectors and barely use the grab-connector, or the exact opposite. So if you are more of a connector or a grab-connector person, you can decide that for yourself. However, we would definitely recommend trying other styles in order to get totally different results. Do you want to figure out what kind building style you have? Order our design-package.

Yes, Plokko is really suitable for use in education. Together with our partner Grote Broer we developed a school kit for the 3d printer for Primary schools. You learn a lot about 3d designing, 3d printing and building with Plokko’s.

Plokko’s are invented by Albert Barth in the Christmas holiday of 2014-2015. He lent three 3d-printers of de Stadkamer in Zwolle, with the goal to educate with them. He took them to his mancave to figure out how those 3d-printers really work. He started designing and printing.  Albert was really ambitious about it, so he wanted to make actual furniture with it. And within a short period of time the first connectors, add a few sticks and click them together. So that’s how it all started.

The Plokko connectors are being 3d printed with biobased plastic. We have a bunch of 3d printers due to the fact that they’re not as fast yet. This way we still can produce quite a large amount of Plokko connectors.

Feel free to check the YouTube video we made about it down below.

Actually a lot of different people. We see plenty of Plokko lamps in people their homes. But also interior-architects appreciate our products. They use it to give style to houses, schools, and offices. But we also see Plokko’s back in shop interiors. So plenty of people actually use it! 🙂

Yes, absolutely! 🙂 Also as an independent designer, you can use Plokko’s to design objects. At the moment we are talking to multiple third parties to develop their products that include/use Plokko’s

Feel free to join! You can just send an email, then we’ll look together how we can get this done.