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Our partners

From Plokko we work closely together with various parties. That makes them very important for us. Down below you’ll find a numerous amount of companies we currently work together with.

We are member of the Polymer Science Park. The Polymer Science Park is the (open) innovation centre for the plastic technology. As develop- and meeting-place for bussinesses and knowledge partners they provide knowledge transfer, they facilitate projects and carry out the projects.

The Polymer Science Park supports us in research for durable materials. and also in our accommodation.


Together with Grote Broer we developed an teaching methodology for 3d printing. We call it the 3dprinterleskist. Grote Broer is completely focussed on teaching children within the age of 4 and 12 years.


deMINIfabriek converts your idea in no-time to a physical product. From personalized keychains or jewelry to enclosures of your own imagined gadget, no idea is too crazy. Barry of the deMINIfabriek advises and supports Plokko. His knowledge of 3d printing is a very important addition on our own expertise.


Kleinkunstig is an important partner for Plokko. We use their office space, expertise and staff. Kleinkunstig is currently responsible for the financial administration of Plokko.


Plokko is being supported by the RVO with the WBSO. This makes it easier for us to research the new technologies that we use. The WBSO lowers our labor costs and other expenses that we make.


Plokko is coonected with the Green PAC iLab. With them we get the right help to further develop, create and market our product idea. They support us through their network and knowledge.